Rebrand: Lifelines Counseling Services


Lifelines Counseling Services is a non-profit agency located in Mobile, Alabama, that offers a wide range of programs to the Southwest Alabama community. Their services include professional counseling, crisis intervention, and education and prevention services. When they contacted us for design help, they had a single logo which represented all their programs.

We decided to update their existing logo with colors that are more cheerful and soothing. We altered the existing tree mark to remove the imaginary frowning face, and added a bright yellow circle behind the tree to reference “the light at the end of the tunnel,” and give an added boost of optimism. The three branches of Lifelines, represented by three distinct colors, are shown together in the parent mark, emphasizing the unity of Lifelines’ brand.

Next, we created Center Marks. Each counseling division is signified by a distinct color. Each center has its own two-color logo that clearly separates it from the other centers while showing an overall unity with the brand.





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